The prices on the site are valid for rentals from our headquarters in Sibiu, Romania. For additional transport and guide services, prices will be calculated according to the distance and the number of bicycles.

We can provide transport services on the special trailer for groups of minimum 10, maximum 20 bicycles, on a road distance of maximum 100 km around the city of Sibiu. For longer distances, please contact us.


The client will complete the form on the site. This form automatically generates an email to our company. We will respond to this email within one business day, communicating to the customer the availability of electric bicycles for the chosen period, the total price and, as the case may be, the price of additional services (transportation, guide services, etc.).


ARTICLE 1: The products are in a “ready to use” state, in perfect working condition, complete with each part and accessory, battery, according to their delivery report signed by the Parties and annexed to contract.

ARTICLE 2: All transport costs, regardless of their nature, shall be suppotted by the Customer.

ARTICLE 3: The customer must keep the bicycle exactly as it was received, including all its accessories or other accessories necessary for transport.

ARTICLE 4: The customer, immediately after finishing the rental agreement, will make the bikes available to KIWI Pie so that they can be transported back to the Company.

If the Client does not comply with this, he will have to pay an additional daily rental rate.

ARTICLE 5: At the time of delivery or receive of the bicycle, the Client signs the “Delivery / receive report” in which the wear status of the bicycle will be noted. At the returning time, the “Return Report” will be signed together with the technician appointed by KIWI Pie srl to establish the conditions and the state of wear of the bicycle and the fact that they correspond to those mentioned in the signed contract.

ARTICLE 6: The customer is responsible for the bicycle until it is returned to KIWI Pie S.r.l.

ARTICLE 7: The bicycle shall be used only as a means of transport and in accordance with a leisure and sports activity. The bicycle and the rented accessories must be used and treated with atention, common sense and care. Bicycles with assisted pedaling can carry weights (persons and objects) that do not exceed 100 kg.

ARTICLE 8: Each Junior bicycle can carry a child between the ages of 10 and 17 years, with a weight not exceeding 60 kg.

ARTICLE 9: The end-user responsible for the damage caused to the bicycle, third parties and things during the use of the vehicle, will not be able to claim any form of compensation from KIWI Pie S.r.l., .

ARTICLE 10: KIWI Pie S.r.l. may request termination of the contract if it observes improper conditions of use of the bicycle.

ARTICLE 11: The customer, with the prior authorization from KIWI Pie S.r.l., may install accessories, equipment and / or components, if they are approved.

ARTICLE 12: In the event of the loss of keys, bicycle accessories or partial or total damage to the bicycle and / or accessories, KIWI Pie S.r.l. will ask the customer the amount needed to bring the bicycle to the initial state, calculated on the basis of the price list and the spare parts offer. The hourly rate of the labor is 70 lei / h (seventy lei / hour). All expenses, including transport costs, are the responsibility of the Customer.

ARTICLE 13: In the case of the theft of the bicycle and / or its accessories, the Customer undertakes that, within five days from the date of the theft / destruction, to pay as a guarantee an amount equivalent to the purchase price of the bicycle and the accessories that they are the subject of theft. This amount will only be refunded in case of recovery / finding of the bicycle. Otherwise the respective amount will be withheld as compensation for the damages caused.

ARTICLE 14: During the rental, the User is responsable for any event or damage caused to himself, third parties, things during the use of the rented bicycle or accessories.

ARTICLE 15: The client declares, from now on, that KIWI Pie S.r.l is exempted from any civil liability that could be attributed to him as owner of the products, for any damages that may be due to third parties.

ARTICLE 16: From the beginning of the rental contract, the Client will answer exclusively in front of KIWI Pie S.r.l. for damages inherent in the use, custody and movement of items, even if they result from a fortuitous event, force majore or third party, including theft, fire and other damage to bicycles.

ARTICLE 17: KIWI Pie S.r.l. undertakes to carry out, on request, all the additional maintenance activities of the bicycles at its headquarters / workshop, invoicing the Customer the cost of the work in the amount of 70 lei / hour (seventy lei / hour) and any transport costs.

ARTICLE 18: At the time of return, the articles will be delivered as they were received, except for normal wear.

ARTICLE 19: At the time of the return of the bicycle and / or the accessories, the Customer and the person in charge of the KIWI Pie S.r.l., complete and sign the minutes of the return and note the possible damages caused to the rented and returned items. If the Client refuses to sign the Minutes or does not agree with the findings of KIWI Pie S.r.l., the latter has the right to act in accordance with these General Conditions, especially those relating to the payment of compensation.

ARTICLE 20: KIWI Pie S.r.l. shall in no case be responsible to the Client for the interruption of services due to force major or an unforeseen event.

ARTICLE 21: Not returning the bicycle without prior communication or, in any case, without motivating exceptional cases will be considered a theft and will therefore be reported to the judicial authorities.

ARTICLE 22: The client is obliged to pay the amount related to the rent from the beginning of the rent until the moment he will present himself for the closing of the rent, as well as the possible costs for damages, total or partial thefts.

ARTICLE 23: Termination clause:The violation by the Customer even of only one of the terms of General Rental Conditions, of the Contract  regarding the rent of the bicycle or of the Delivery Report will authorize KIWI Pie Srl to terminate the contract with immediate effect and to withdraw the bicycle or the accessories given to the Customer .

ARTICLE 24: The customer may withdraw at any time from the contract and return the bicycle (accessories) to KIWI Pie S.r.l., if the bicycle or accessories present a material malfunction that does not allow its safe and undisturbed use and, at the same time, KIWI Pie S.r.l. did not provide a bicycle or accessories for replacement. In this case, KIWI Pie srl will refund the amount paid for the rent not made and any other supplements calculated at the time when the Customer has not been able to use the bicycle (the accessories).

ARTICLE 25: The competent court:

  • The Romanian laws are applicable in the case of disputes that may arise from these general conditions of hire, the contract stipulated regarding the renting of the bicycle within the network KIWI Pie Srl, the official list KIWI Pie Srl and the signed rental document and the delivery report. The Romanian court has exclusive jurisdiction if the rental relationship refers entirely or mainly to the uses in the Romanian territory.
  • Any communication between KIWI Pie S.r.l. and Client arising out of this contract and related to it shall be sent in writing to the parties’ premises.
  • The settlement of any dispute that may arise in connection with the interpretation, execution or termination of this contract shall be the jurisdiction of the Sibiu Tribunal.